Step-B Complex, Bosso Campus, Minna

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8:00am – 4:00pm (Mon-Fri) 

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Why Choose ACEMFS?

The benefits of applying to the Africa Centre of Excellence and Mycotoxin are numerous, amongst which are

a. No University in Nigeria offers Masters of Science or PhD degree in Food Safety

b. The Centre will integrate the 3 components of the knowledge triangle:- education, research and innovation to solve the developmental challenges confronting Africa.

c. The centre will also train skilled and innovative workforce that would transform Nigeria’s natural resources into goods and services, driven by entrepreneurship and information and communication technology (ICT) to positively affect the economy and thus the quality of life and her people.

d. National food control systems revealed that there are absolutely no Toxicologists and Food safety experts in Nigeria.
e. The graduates and staff will be trained to qualify for international certification from the institute of Food Science and Technology, USA.

How to Apply: Please refer to the portal here