Step-B Complex, Bosso Campus, Minna

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8:00am – 4:00pm (Mon-Fri) 

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Students Support Available

  • New courses will attract employees of industry and sectoral partners.
  • Advert-Centre website links to website of all industry/sectoral and academic partners, NUC, AAU, Research Professional Africa platform)
  • Posters and flyers at national and international conferences and workshops.
  • Symbiotic bond between ACE and sectoral partners will be in accordance University of Maryland and FDA will guarantee sustained student recruitment
  • PG School will admit students for cultural diversity and WASCAL is our success story
  • ACE “head hunts” for candidates from critical stakeholders that satisfies PG school requirement
  • Establish International Students’ Office to assist foreign students integrate into the University community and with Media and Communication Department provide free language teaching for francophone students
  • Decent accommodation in commercialized university guest house and students’ hostels.
  • Security Division, Student Disciplinary Committee, SERVICOM. ACTU, SAD addresses grievances and guarantee serenity in the hostels
  • Punitive measures enshrined five years in the postgraduate policy against erring academics and departments
  • Concession given to researchers particularly foreign students working on funded projects by FUT Minna labour unions
  • These have proven to be viable as data from the PG Board indicates that since the introduction of these measures, 60% of postgraduate students completed their studies within the stipulated periods of study with better quality research output recorded
  • Sponsorship scheme for 10 “head hunted” non Nigerian graduate students of 1 Million Naira on competitive basis
  • Funds from contract researches from sectoral partners on national chemical residues monitoring programs and research grants will tied to doctoral and postdoctoral students
  • Graduates students to take part time employment in Center and University
  • Food and Toxicology Research Group provides mentorship on teaching, supervision of undergraduate projects, scientific writing and research grant application for 6 hrs on Friday and will be adopted in the ACE.
  • The Centre will ensure well developed curricula for new trends in short courses and workshops and packaged to involve renowned professionals (Dr Habiba Hassan Wassef, Dr Charles Wilson, Professor Sarah Saeger, Dr Amare Ayalew, members of International Scientific Advisory Board ISAB).
  • Relevant experiments and lectures on food safety in video, textbooks,
  • A competitive travel grant scheme to sponsor for 20 mid-career professionals from regulatory and academic from four regions of Africa for short courses (AFSoN is critical)