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Our team is an experienced professional team, consisting of Biochemists, Microbiologists, Biological and Agricultural Scientists, Food and Health Science experts who are certified with track records in their respective fields, and have an extended knowledge muscles.

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Our team is an experienced professional team, consisting of Doctors and Professors with requisite pedagogy to make your learning expedition worth a while.

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2021-2022 Centre with most Best area Rankings.

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The Education objective of the ACEMFS is to create an interdisciplinary, experiential education model that will prepare a cadre of future leaders focused on the rapidly emerging need for innovations at the nexus of food security, food safety, agricultural productivity and economics from local to global scales.

Research Objective

The research objectives will during the lifespan of this project focus on mitigation against mycotoxins for food safety and improved public health and trade, and conduct only regional surveillance of chemical residues (heavy metals, veterinary drug and pesticides residues and hydrocyanic acids in cassava food products), COVID 19 and Lassa Fever