Prof.Tshiombe Mulamba


With a background of Agronomist, espacially in the field of chemistry and agricultural industries, Prof TSHIOMBE MULAMBA Van Emery is a head of Department of Biochemistry and Food Technology, in the General Atomic Energy Commission (CGEA/CREN-K), Kinshasa/DRC. He deals with food preservation by radiation processing in this Centre. He is coordinating the implementation of the Management Quality System in CGEA/CREN-K. In the field food analysis, his laboratory determine the nutritional value of various vegetables and fruits.

He is a national coordinator of the project RAF5078 of IAEA on Establishing a Food Safety Network through the Application of Nuclear and Related Technologies.

Dr Tshiombe Mulamba is professor in the Faculty of Agronomy, University of Kinshasa, DRC. He teaches general chemistry, colloidal chemistry, analysis methods in the University of Kinshasa. He is interested to the multivariate statistics whithin he published : « Characterization of safou of Kinshasa by multivariate statistics, Correlation morphology - physicochemical composition of safou » ; ISBN 978-3-8417-8038-6, European University Edition.

He is an academic partner and member of ACEMFS, FUT-Minna.