Prof. Eustace Ayemere Iyayi


Eustace Ayemere IYAYI is a Professor of Animal Nutrition with research interest in 3 broad areas: amino acid and phosphorus utilization in poultry and swine; feed enzymes and by-product improvement. The main thrust of his research in these areas is improvement in our nation’s livestock subsector. Prof Iyayi is an astute research scholar and experienced administrator.

He is the recipient of several merits and academic fellowship awards including (1) Israeli Government Mashav Award (1992); (2) The Austrian Ministry of Science & Technology Award (2000); (3) The 2003 Neville Clarke International Award (2003); (4) DAAD Research Scientist Fellowship at the Institute of Livestock Ecology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany (January to April, 1993); (5) The Royal Society of Britain Visiting Research Scientist Fellowship at The Department of Plant and Animal Science, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK (February to August, 1999); (6) Alexander von Humboldt Research Scientist Fellowship at the Institute of Nutritional Science & Animal Nutrition, Universität Halle, Germany (2003 to 2005); (7) Alexander von Humboldt Visiting Scientist   at the Institute of Animal Science, University of Bonn, Germany (October 10 to November 09, 2007); (8) Visiting Scientist (Research Participant Agreement) at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Station, AB Canada (2008-2012) and (9) the Fulbright Senior African Research Scholar at Purdue University, Indiana, USA (2011 to 2012).

He is also the recipient of Merit Award (2016) by the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students, UI Branch for his lofty contribution to students’ support and in recognition of his contribution to the development of the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria.

He is also the recipient of the Achiever in Agriculture Award (2017) by AgroNigeria Ltd for his consistent contribution to the Livestock subsector in Nigeria.

He is the recipient of Animal Science Students Association of Nigeria (ASSAN) 2017 Personality of the Year Award.

Recipient of the West African Student Union Parliament 2019 Excellent Personality Award for contribution to the growth of Agriculture in Nigeria.

He has been Coordinator Physical Sciences Department Programme at Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya (1991-1993), Head of Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan (2006-2010) and Dean, Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry of the same University (2014-2016).

He is currently the Registrar/CEO, Nigerian Institute of Animal Science, Abuja, a Regulatory Agency under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, established by Act of the National Assembly for the regulation of the Animal Science Profession and all issues pertaining to Animal Husbandry in Nigeria.

He is also the Chairman of Nigerian Agriculture Observatory.

Served as INEC Returning Officer for Igboho Federal Constituency, Oyo State at the 2015 General Elections to the Federal House of Assembly.

Professor Iyayi is a Fellow of the Animal Science Association of Nigeria, Fellow Postgraduate College of Animal Scientists of Nigeria and Fellow Nigerian Institute of Animal Science.

Professor Iyayi is a happily married family man.