Dr. Oluwatoyin A. Asojo


Dr. Asojo’s education and training includes

BSc in Chemistry and Economics from Trent University Peterborough Ontario Canada;

PhD in Chemistry from the University of Houston, Houston Texas; and post-doc at the National Institute of Health’s National Cancer Institute in Frederick Maryland.

Her positions prior to Hampton include Associate Professor of Pediatrics Tropical Medicine Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas; Assistant Professor in the Pathology and Microbiology Department of the University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha Nebraska; and staff scientist at Tibotec in Rockville Maryland.

Research interests: Our research interest is the chemistry of life processes including deciphering the underlying mechanisms and structural basis of immune and suppression evasion by parasites, infectious agents or host cells in cancer or reproduction. Our research also involves developing improved methods for the recombinant expression, purification, solubilization, and crystallization of proteins involved in these processes. Our laboratory research includes in silico analysis of protein structure / function to guide functional studies of novel proteins. We perform bioinformatics, biochemical, biophysical, and functional analysis of macromolecules. The Asojo laboratory is committed to developing multi-disciplinary research programs that actively include undergraduate students and other trainees. We actively use laboratory research as a way of develop trainee competency in the chemistry of life processes and therapeutics discovery.

Link to publications on NCBI https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/browse/collection/43483412/?sort=date&direction=ascending