Dr. Janie Dubois


Dr. Janie Dubois is the Director of the International Food Safety Training Laboratory affiliated with University Laval in Quebec City, Canada. She also runs her independent consulting firm specialized in education for foreign governments and industry on laboratory testing to verify compliance of food commodities with domestic and international regulations.  She has taught students from 57 countries and on the ground in 25 countries.

Dr. Dubois is involved in international efforts to harmonize the food safety regulatory environment to support the production and trade of safe food globally.  As such, she is a member of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Food Safety Cooperation Forum where she represents the US in discussions on the harmonization of food safety standards to facilitate trade in the region. She is also an International Advisor to the Africa Center of Excellence for Food Safety and Mycotoxins.

She started her career at the National Research Council Canada, where she was a Research Officer working on diagnostic imaging techniques for infectious diseases, with a focus on foodborne prion diseases such as mad cow and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. She then held a position of Research Associate posted at the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition before moving to the private sector in 2004. Dr. Dubois was an Associate Clinical Professor of Food Safety at the University of Maryland for 8 years until last December when the International Food Safety Training Laboratory moved to Canada.