Dr. Charles L. Wilson


Dr. Wilson presently is Founder and CEO of the World Food Preservation Center LLC. His career spans over 50 years in Academia and the USDA. http://www.worldfoodpreservationcenter.com/index.html

 Dr. Wilson has authored over 250 scientific publication, 20 patents, and 6 books. He has been invited to organize and chair ten international symposia, to present papers at ten additional symposia, to deliver over 40 lectures in 22 states and eleven countries, and to lead seminars and discussions with students at tenmajor universities.. He has organized three international BARD-sponsored workshops on food preservation by biological means. He was instrumental in the development of the first EPA-registered “biofungicide” for the control of postharvest diseases

Dr. Wilson was the first to conceptualize the field of postharvest biocontrol (Stevens and Khan in their book “Recent Advances in Agriculture”(2008) state, “The pioneering work of Dr. Charles L. Wilson has highlighted the potential of utilizing biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables, and he is considered by us to be the father of biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables.



Highest honor of the Arkansas Alumni Association for Distinguished Research and Teaching

Distinguished Service Award by the Washington Academy of Sciences for “pioneering research in understanding and manipulating plant diseases.”

Elected Fellow of the Washington Academy of Sciences

Selected ARS-NAA “Scientist of the Year” for “pioneering research in the biological control of postharvest diseases of fruit.”

Elected Fellow of the American  Phytopathological Society