Silas Habila Bijim

bijimBorn on the 31st July, 1968 in Farman Bajju, Via Zonkwa, Zango Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
Employed into Federal University of Technology, Minna on 10th May, 2007. As Public Health Superintendent, As specialist in Public Health undertake responsibilities in various functions and duties as, General premises inspection, Class Rooms, Laboratory, Hostels, Waste Management, Health Education, Water and Food Sanitation, Fumigation, Disease Surveillance, Prevention and Control.

School Health services, occupational Health and safety measures. Cold chain and immunization procedures. Have great passion for Environmental Health protection, promotion and safety. A Registered member with Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria, Part time Lecturer to Environmental Health Department of School and colleges of Health Technology within Minna Metropolitans. Attended seminars, Conference and Workshop on Environmental Health. Proud member Environmental Health Officer Association of Nigeria of (EHOAN). Happily married to Mrs, Grace Silas with two Children Male and Female.